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Playback’s 2017 Hall of Fame: Salah Bachir

The Cineplex Media president and fundraising king has been advocating for LGBTQ2 rights and the film industry for nearly three decades.

Rebecca Liddiard 200 x 200

Playback’s 2017 5 2 Watch: Rebecca Liddiard

Following her performances in MsLabelled, Houdini and Doyle and the upcoming Alias Grace, Sarah Polley, Christina Jennings and Mary Harron on why the 26-year-old is a star in the making.

Hilltop Overlooking Beirut

Playback’s 2017 Hall of Fame: Ann Medina

The broadcast journalist turned Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television chair worked to raise the profile of local TV.

Michael MacMIllan

Playback’s 2016 Hall of Fame: Michael MacMillan

For his work raising the bar of political discourse by encouraging everyone to get involved, the Blue Ant CEO is awarded the Humanitarian HOF honours.

Schellenberg, a cast member in the HBO film "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee," arrives at the premiere of the film in Los Angeles

Playback’s 2016 Canadian Hall of Fame: August Schellenberg (1936-2013)

From Playback magazine: The Canadian actor was known for iconic roles both in Hollywood and domestically on stage and screen.


Best of the Year: Elevation Pictures

The upstart Canadian distributor burst onto the scene in 2013 and has amassed an impressive list of premium film and television titles in the two years since.

Photo credit: CBC Still Photo Collection

Playback Canadian Film & TV Hall of Fame: Nicholas Campbell

From Playback magazine: Campbell, whose lengthy career includes the iconic role of Dominic Da Vinci, enters the Hall of Fame as one of Canada’s most authentic on-screen talents.

Ted Kotcheff

Playback 2013 Canadian Film and TV Hall of Fame inductee: Ted Kotcheff

One of Canada’s most prolific directors, Ted Kotcheff’s work spans decades – and borders – including Hollywood hits such as Fun with Dick and Jane, as well as the iconic Canadian film The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz.


Playback 2013 Canadian Film and TV Hall of Fame inductee: Rock Demers

The founder and president of Productions La Fete and creator of the Tales For All collection of family films, Rock Demers’s work is woven deeply into Canadian culture.

David Cronenberg Headshot

Best of the Year: David Cronenberg

Thirty years into a storied career, this Canadian director is having one of his biggest years yet, making him Playback‘s Director of the Year.

Denis Heroux

Playback 2011 Canadian Film and TV Hall of Fame: Denis Heroux

The famed producer and l’Universite de Montreal film instructor is honoured for his contributions to Canadian cinema.


TIFF 2010: Canada First

TIFF’s Canada First program offers recognition to talented filmmakers who have leapt financial and conceptual hurdles to create appealing debut features. The six directors this year will be surprising Toronto audiences and critics with a diverse crop of first films.