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Blackfin CEO

eOne buys U.S. unscripted prodco Blackfin

With the acquisition, Geno McDermott, founder and CEO of New York-based Blackfin, will serve as eOne’s president of U.S. alternative programming – unscripted television.

David Madden

AMC restructures Studios operations, David Madden exits

The U.S. company is merging its Studios operation with its Entertainment Networks group.


B.C. Scene: Funniest Videos host directs MOW that hits close to home

Vancouver: Canadian Bob Saget was in Vancouver this month making his dramatic directorial debut on another disease-of-the-week mow for abc. An odd choice, you might think, for the man who laugh-tracks it through America’s Funniest Home Videos each week. But the…


B.C. Scene: New database Internet service wows Vancouver film industry

Vancouver: Entrepreneur Aerock Fox had difficulty breaking into the b.c. film business as a producer, but judging by the phenomenal turnout and industry reaction at the launch of his new film industry Internet service in Vancouver late last month, Fox has…


B.C. Scene: Mt. Waddington forms backdrop for Annaud’s true tale of Tibet

Vancouver: When renowned French filmmaker Jean-Jacques Annaud (The Lover, The Bear) was unceremoniously ‘kicked out’ of India this month – even though he was well into preproduction on his film adaptation of the novel Seven Years In Tibet – Vancouver became…


B.C. Scene: Western hitmaker Ransen irked he must look to the east for funds

Vancouver: Producer/director/writer Mort Ransen is busy trying to get his next project, Shegalla Summer, off the ground in time to shoot this summer. The dramatic film, written by first-time Vancouver screenwriter Joan Hopper, is about a man who escapes from a…


B.C. Scene: Spring production fever begins with a vengeance

Vancouver: A fleet of new pilots and mows rolled out onto the streets of Vancouver this month, marking the beginning of another frantic spring/summer production season on the West Coast….


B.C. Scene: Rumble at the box office as action-comedy film takes off

Vancouver: Shan Tam and Michael Parker, the wife/husband team at Maple Ridge Films, were gloating this month as Rumble In the Bronx, the action-comedy they line produced here two years ago starring Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan cuffed its way into…


B.C. Scene: Integrated approach a hit for producer James Shavick

Vancouver: James Shavick is one of Vancouver’s best-kept secrets. While most local producers spend years laboring to get just one feature into production, this month Shavick begins rolling the cameras on his 18th feature film shoot in Vancouver in just two-and-a-half…


B.C. Scene: `This is the beginning of the future,’ Sterloff tells indies

Vancouver: Local indigenous drama production has taken a beating over the last year. Reduced public funding along with the absence of any tax incentive to encourage private investment in the industry has exacted its toll….


B.C. Scene: Scams, Schemes and an Arts and Entertainment score

Vancouver: Scams, Schemes and Scoundrels ­ a catchy title and one that obviously captured the eye of New York-based Arts and Entertainment. The two-hour ‘docutainment’ special, produced by Vancouver’s Ark Films, recounts the most clever and conniving scams that have ever…


B.C. Scene: Dark tale Underworld marks departure for Keystone

Vancouver: Vancouver’s Keystone Pictures wrapped Underworld last month, its 14th production and most ambitious undertaking so far….