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Lorraine D'Alessio headshot

Column: Planning an exit strategy in a post-Brexit world

Immigration lawyer Lorraine P. D’Alessio on the emigration options available to Canadians currently based in the U.K.

Judy Gladstone

Blog: Notes from Israel’s indie scene

Former BravoFACT exec director Judy Gladstone (pictured) shares dispatches from Jerusalem, which recently hosted a thriving film fest for audiences with an appetite for foreign content.

Lorraine D'Alessio headshot

Column: 5 ways to cut down U.S. visa application time

Immigration lawyer Lorraine P. D’Alessio shares her top suggestions for efficiently applying for a visa to work stateside.


Op/Ed: Why Cancon deregulation is not the answer

Valerie Creighton, president and CEO, Canada Media Fund, argues that smarter, not smaller, regulation is the road to future success for the Canadian screen industry.

Atomic 2016 - Ramona Pringle and Sean Barlow

2016 AToMiC Awards winners revealed

Check out the disruptors, creators and shifters whose ideas took off.

Lorraine D'Alessio headshot

Column: Taking your show on the road

Immigration lawyer Lorraine P. D’Alessio on how Canadian productions can get proper authorization to work in the U.S. – and why they really need it.


Unemployment dogs Saskatchewan film/TV industry: report

The Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association says 73% of those polled in its survey said they are trained and experienced but simply cannot find enough work.

Lorraine D'Alessio headshot

Column: Planning work visas around fluctuating currency

Immigration lawyer Lorraine P. D’Alessio on why it’s wise to have the flexibility to work in the U.S. at a moment’s notice, even when the Canadian industry is booming.

Lorraine D'Alessio headshot

How social stars can land a U.S. work visa

Column: Immigration lawyer Lorraine P. D’Alessio on what social media stars and their petitioners need to consider when looking to work stateside.

Lorraine D'Alessio headshot

How the EB-5 immigration visa can aid film financing

Column: Immigration lawyer Lorraine P. D’Alessio discusses the U.S. visa program, which is designed to attract job-creating businesses and can also be used for film projects.

Lorraine D'Alessio headshot

Don’t think you’re an artist? If you want an O-1B visa, think again

Column: Executives and below-the-line crew members may not consider their talents artistic, but immigration lawyer Lorraine P. D’Alessio urges them to take a closer look.

irene berkowitz

Yanking the value chain: how to make global hits

OPINION: Ryerson PhD candidate and MBA instructor Irene Berkowitz on re-evaluating the Canadian TV drama value chain for the new media landscape.