5 to Watch reminder

The deadline to submit your Playback 5 to Watch nominee survey is today. Click here to access the survey directly. (Free to view)

An enormous thank you to those that have already submitted their Playback 5 to Watch nominee survey. For those of you yet to do so, please note the deadline is today (June 21, 2019). Click here to access the survey.

Here’s a reminder of what we’re looking for this year:

- Entrepreneurial emerging talent in the following categories: writers, directors, producers, executive producers/showrunners and rising talent at production companies or broadcasters. Individuals who have been doing things a little bit differently through entrepreneurial business strategies and innovative approaches to content production or cutting-edge work in their respective field. We want to hear about what makes your nominee unique from others in the field.


Those who have made a significant impact or achieved remarkable success in the first few years of their career. Age is not a restriction but the length of time a nominee has been working in their field is. Mid-career and well-established professionals will NOT be eligible, even if their success is more recent. Ideally, the candidate has been in their field for less than five years.

How do I know if my nominee is eligible?

- Take a moment to consider their career path: is their success recent and early in their career?

- Is this person already well-established on the industry’s radar? Or is it someone who’s about to be on everyone’s radar?

- If they’ve won industry awards/accolades for their current profession, are they fairly recent (within the last two to three years)?

- Have they been on other similar lists and if so, was that a long time ago? If they are still in the same career, they are likely not eligible.


If you are have any questions email: lmalyk@brunico.com and jp.pinto@brunico.com