Canada-Colombia incentive awards $235K across four projects

The webseries Arctic Horror Stories from Canada's Taqqut Productions and Colombia's Conexion Creativa is among those selected to receive funding.
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Four digital media projects will share over $235,000 in funding from the Canada Media Fund’s (CMF) Canada-Colombia Codevelopment Incentive for web series and other digital media projects.

Launched in May 2017, the incentive is a partnership between the CMF and Colombia’s Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications (MinTIC), Proimágenes Colombia and supported by Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá. It encourages the codevelopment of digital fiction, docs and animated projects between Canadian and Colombian producers.

Among those selected is the webseries Arctic Horror Stories from Canada’s Taqqut Productions and Colombia’s Conexion Creativa, which walked away with $59,560. The CMF provided a total of $11,560 in funding, while Proimágenes contributed $48,000 towards the project.

Canada’s Ziah Frost Media and Colombia’s Fosfenos Media’s webseries The Kitchen received $59,111 in funding. In total, the project nabbed $22,686 from Proimágenes and $36,425 from the CMF.

Meanwhile,, a webseries from Canada’s Cuiba Films and Colombia’s Gusano Films, picked up $58,532. The CMF contributed $20,000, while Proimágenes gave $38,532 in funding.

Finally, software program Espectros from Canada’s Lorenzo Orzari Productions and Colombia’s V-Cinema Films received $13,000 from the CMF and $45,757 from Proimágenes, walking away with a total of $58,757.

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