CMF invests $7.5M across 13 projects

Dramas Mont-Rouge and Eaux Turbulentes received the lion's share of the funding through the Francophone Minority Program.
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The CMF has awarded $7.5 million in funding to 13 convergent projects through the Francophone Minority Program.

Two dramatic TV series scored the most amount of funding. Connections Productions’ Mont-Rouge received $1,173,383 from the CMF, while Eaux Turbulentes received $932,960. Thriller Mont-Rouge, produced for Super Ecran and Canal Vie, follows a doctoral candidate in astrophysics who takes a seasonal job in Nova Scotia, who discovers a dead body. Its immersive online component received $130,442.

Meanwhile Eaux Turbulentes, for Radio-Canada and ARTV, follows a detective in Timmins, ON investigating the death of an Indigenous girl on the shores of Porcupine Lake, who is identified as the niece of her ex-husband. The program’s digital media component received $109,911.

Manito Media’s children’s series Canot Cocasse received $750,000 in funding. The Radio-Canada, UNIS TV program from Manitoba is about a magical canoe that takes travelers from Camp Manitou on an adventure to learn about the universe. The digital media component received $83,500.

Other funded projects include À la Valdrague, a drama for Radio-Canada and ARTV, which received $686,043 and  $68,000 for its digital media component; kids’ series Mehdi et Val for Radio-Canada, which received $550,000 and $73,000 for its digital media component; TFO’s Minivers ($547,666; digital media: $317,268); and Mix Metiers for TFO ($341,708; digital media: $140,250).

On the documentary front, Guides’ d’aventures for TV5 received $374,405 and $78,812 for its digital media component, while D’amour et d’eau fraiche, produced by Red Letter Films for UNIS TV and Northwestel, received $246,055 and $51,433 for its website. Season two of documentary series Le choc des bolides, for Canal D and Ztélé received $294,100, while season two of Les Productions Rivard’s Main a la pate received $253,348. The series, produced for Radio-Canada and UNIS TV, received $42,493 for its website. 

Lastly, Productions du milieu’s doc La Force du rire, for AMI-télé and Radio-Canada, received $83,550 and season three of Phare-Est Media’s Iles de l’Atlantique for Radio-Canada and RDI received $196,675.