CMF awards $4.5M across nine digital media projects

Relish Interactive and Felix & Paul Studios each netted $1.2 million in the latest round of the funder's commercial projects pilot program.
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The Canada Media Fund is investing $4.5 million across nine digital media projects through its commercial projects pilot program, with Relish Interactive and Félix & Paul Studios each receiving $1.2 million.

Montreal-based Félix & Paul received the sum for its episodic VR app Pink Box, while Toronto-based Relish received the funding for its interactive gaming app The Living Novel Story Engine.

Alberta’s Itzy Interactive was awarded $330,515 for its digital-media game Mad Devils, Montreal studio arnoovo took $550,000 for its project noovo.ioi and’s app Wild Hearts Adventure received $200,000.

Meanwhile, the CMF awarded $400,000 to Ontario’s PopReach Incorporated’s The Network: Run The Show, $174,500 to Zeros 2 Heroes Media’s Biba Live Action Arcade and $176,831 to Fluxscopic’s Mayhem In Single Valley. Another project, Overloot, received $301,731 in funding.

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