Freemium game part of new revenue strategy at BBTV

A Spanish-language app based on one of the MCN's most popular channels is part of BBTV's broader strategy to diversify creator revenue streams beyond ad sales.

Copied from StreamDaily - Fernanfloo_1Vancouver-based multi-channel network BroadbandTV (BBTV) is pursuing a new strategy to diversify revenue streams for its creators beyond advertising sales.

As part of that effort, it’s released a new version of the Fernafloo Game, a mobile game by BBTV’s most popular creator: tween-friendly gamer/comedian Luis Flores, known to his 14 million YouTube followers as .

The first iteration of the Spanish-language app, which was released in December 2015, was behind a paywall; however, the newest version (rated ages nine and up) is free, and generates money through in-app purchases such as extra lives and credits to upgrade the appearance of the game.

Since its re-release on July 25, the app has accrued more than three million downloads, with 1.2 million of those coming in the first 72 hours, according to BBTV. It’s little surprise —  with more than 14 million subscribers, 20-year-old Flores is the most-subscribed creator in the BBTV network, according to rankings by Socialblade.

The game’s reboot is part of BBTV’s strategy to leverage creators’ IP into new revenue streams beyond ad sales at scale, a network exec said in a statement.

“This has always been a focus for the business and the success of the recent Fernanfloo apps are additional proof points of how we’re executing on this strategy,” said Lewis Ball, EVP of professional services for BBTV.

On top of being the most-subscribed creator in the BBTV network, Flores is also its most-viewed creator. He’s ranked second in the network in terms of number of new subscribers his channel has attracted in the past 30 days.

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