Quebecor Fund invests $2.7M across 8 projects

Aetios Productions and Television Parallele are among the prodcos selected to receive financing for projects in this latest round of funding.
Copied from Media in Canada - Canadianmoney

The Quebecor Fund has announced the names of the prodcos and projects to receive selected to recieve funding in the latest round of financing via its Main Television Production Assistance Program (MPAP), the organization announced on Wednesday.

A total of $2,686,940 will be distributed to the following Canadian prodcos companies for various television projects: Aetios Productions for Ruptures (Canadian broadvaster: ICI Radio-Canada), Télévision Parallèle for Faites comme chez vous (TVA), Productions Groupe Fair-Play  for season six of Les Enfants de la télé (ICI Radio-Canada), Productions Bazzo Bazzo  for season ten of (Télé-Québec), TVA Productions for season four of Signé M (TVA), Attraction Images Productions II  for the seventh season of En direct de l’univers (ICI Radio-Canada), DATSIT Studios Onze for the sixth season of Génial !  (Télé-Québec) and Aetios Productions for Blue Moon, which will have its first run on the illico streamer before airing on Addik TV.

This is the 30th time financing has been dispersed under the MPAP program, following submissions on April 1, 2015.

Since the Quebecor Fund’s inception in 1999, the independent non-profit financing body has distributed almost $65 million across 203 projects, providing funding to 68 prodcos in the process.