Boat Rocker Studios partners with Influicity

The Canadian MCN that manages about 40 channels aims to improve its creators' exposure to advertisers.

Boat Rocker Studios has partnered with Influicity to provide more branded content opportunities to the YouTube creators within its network.

Boat Rocker, a division of Temple Street Productions, is an MCN that works with YouTubers to assist with video production, channel programming and audience growth.

Although Boat Rocker Studios has previously arranged brand partnerships for the YouTubers within its network, the goal is to improve exposure to advertisers with the help of Influicity’s adtech SaaS platform.

Influicity helps brands and agencies find YouTubers to collaborate with on brand campaigns. Marketers can use filters such as age, gender, and subject matter to find the right person to work with.

By teaming up with MCNs, the company is able to offer deeper levels of data and insights, says Influicity founder and CEO Jonathan Davids. “In addition, the MCN can put their expertise to work by assisting in production and creative services, an area in which they are highly skilled.”

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