Reel Canada launches inaugural National Canadian Film Day

Industry partners from Cineplex to Hollywood Suite are providing screen time to promote Canadian film to the public on April 29. (The Sweet Hereafter pictured)
The Sweet Hereafter

Reel Canada has released programming details for its inaugural National Canadian Film Day, which will see Canadian films screened in more than 30 communities on April 29 in an effort to raise awareness about Canadian film.

“As we see it, the issue with Canadian film has always been that we make great films, but nobody knows about them,” Jack Blum, executive director with Reel Canada, told Playback Daily.

As part of the initiative, Reel Canada has partnered with broadcasters, threatre owners, distributors and community partners to arrange for screenings of Canadian films in every province and territory across the country on April 29. Communities that will see screenings as part of the initiative include small and large centres, ranging from Filn Flon, MB to Vancouver, B.C.

Cineplex will be donating screens on April 29 for the program, with Entertainment One making Canadian films such as Bon Cop Bad Cop, Meatballs, The Rocket and The Sweet Hereafter available for viewing. The National Film Board of Canada, IndieCan and Pacific Northwest Pictures will also make films available for the initiative.

Hollywood Suite will dedicate the entire day of April 29 to Canadian programming, with Shaw Media’s IFC and Showcase also adding Canadian films to the day’s schedule.

Reel Canada has also compiled a list of where viewers can find Canadian film online, from outlets such as, Google Play, and In addition, Reel Canada will be presenting their own screenings for high school students and new Canadians in seven provinces. The initiative is also receiving support from the CBC and Scotiabank.

“No matter where you are in Canada, there is a way for you to watch a great Canadian film,” Blum said, adding that National Canadian Film Day is also about increasing access to Canadian films overall.

On April 29, 2013, Reel Canada realized they had scheduled several film screening programs across the country for the same day, Blum said. While the organization joked that April 29 was now National Canadian Film Day thanks to the scheduling coincidence, they eventually decided to see if they could create a larger awareness campaign around Canadian film.

“We really are just trying to throw a party for Canada through film,” Blum said.