Corey Vidal launches Buffer Festival for YouTube content

The inaugural festival, taking place in Toronto in November, will showcase YouTube content across genres, and showcase work, including new content, from full-time YouTubers (Vidal pictured).

Canadian YouTube star Corey Vidal is launching Buffer Festival to showcase YouTube video content.

Buffer Festival, presented by Vidal’s online video content production co ApprenticeA Productions and coproduced with the Canadian Film Centre’s Media Lab, will include 50 feature-length shows screening from Nov. 8 to Nov. 10.

The shows will be either themed screenings that highlight YouTube content across genres, or screenings presented by celeb YouTubers that showcase work from full-time Canadian and international YouTube creators. A selection of those full-time YouTubers will also premiere new content at Buffer Festival.

Vidal in a statement said the festival, bringing the video platform’s experience to a theatrical setting, will showcase the “incredible content being made specifically for YouTube.”

YouTube celebs and creators on board to attend the festival so far include Toronto-based AsapSCIENCE (also a CFC ideaBOOST project); Grace Helbig of video blog web series Daily Grace on My Damn Channel; Craig Benzine, also known as WheezyWaiter on YouTube; Jesse Wellens of Prank vs Prank, which features videos of Wellens and his girlfriend Jennifer Smith pranking each other; and relative online content vets (they’ve been creating online content since 2004) The Fine Brothers , who created the transmedia YouTube sitcom MyMusic.

Here’s a sampling of the numbers some these YouTubers have netted so far:

The Daily Grace YouTube channel as just under 2 million subscribers and more than 170 million views overall.

Wellens and Smith of PrankvsPrank, which has just over 3.5 million subscribers, also video blog about their relationship and their lives on their BF vs GF channel, which has more than 2 million subscribers.

The most popular video from The Fine Brothers, who have 5.8 million subscribers to their channel, is Teens React to Gangnam Style, which has almost 26 million views.

It’s been reported that PrankvsPrank and The Fine Brothers are among the top 25 highest-earning YouTubers, netting $1 million or more as YouTube partners.

Vidal, for his part, has a more conservative 221,000 subscribers to his channel, but his most popular video has around 18.6 million views. He also directs and produces most ApprenticeA productions and appears in many of its videos.

Buffer Festival is set to take place Nov. 8 to 10 in Toronto, at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, Scotiabank Theatre, Glenn Gould Studio and St. Lawrence Centre.