Alexander Manu on new behaviour space for digital content

The internet guru (pictured) said during his Stream keynote speech that entertainment content today must do more for consumers in an age when digital media can be accessed on multiple platforms.

Much is made about how content creators today need to be nimble and fast as they adapt to a changing technological landscape.

Internet guru Alexander Manu has another strategy: provoke your audience.

“The challenge is to interrupt their daily life and surprise someone with content,” Manu says Monday while delivering a keynote speech to the Stream conference in Santa Monica.

The paradigm shift, he continues, was thinking not of technological devices, but of behaviour spaces consumers live and work in.

“Space is your screen,” he says of content creation and distribution in an age when digital media can be accessed anywhere and on a myriad platforms besides a dedicated web browser.

So the internet is a behaviour space that connects any activity users perform to the online space.

What’s more, Manu challenged the Stream audience, technology cannot be monetized. “Only behaviour can be monetized,” he adds.

So to develop a behaviour space, content creators need to create full spectrum entertainment to connect users with the internet and as many behaviours as they may attempt in that space.

And as the new behaviour space has new and emerging content, and so new value to consumers, Manu urges creators to adapt by asking themselves key strategic questions about their audience.

“What new needs can be felt and what new desires can be met?” asks rhetorically.