Moosemeat and Marmalade gets greenlight

The 13-part doc series from Mooswa Films will blend Indigenous and European food traditions and feature "bush" cook Art Napoleon and conventionally-trained chef Dan Hayes (Napoleon and Hayes pictured).
Moosemeat and Marmalade

“Bush” cook Art Napoleon and conventionally-trained chef Dan Hayes will take viewers into the worlds of Indigenous and European food in Moosemeat and Marmalade, a new documentary series that is set to go to camera this spring (Napoleon and Hayes pictured).

The 13-epsiode series for APTN and Evasion/Zeste is being produced by Mooswa Films, a partnership between Napoleon and Victoria, B.C.-based May Street Productions.

The show will be filmed on location in British Columbia and the U.K.  May Street founder Hilary Pryor will serve as executive producer while Napoleon and Mike Wavrecan are producers for the series.

In each episode one chef will take the lead, selecting a key ingredient and taking the other on a journey to locate, hunt or gather that ingredient. He will then cook it in an appropriate venue and serve up a tasty meal to satisfy the people they meet along the way.