Epitome Pictures “exploring its options” for The L.A. Complex


Canadian producer Epitome Pictures is “still exploring its options” for The L.A. Complex, despite Bell Media on Monday saying no to a third season of the Canadian soap on MuchMusic.

That’s the word from Stephen Stohn, executive producer of The L.A. Complex, who told Playback “it is especially unfortunate that the television ratings within Canada itself were too low to justify an order by Bell Media for a third season.”

But The CW, which aired the first two seasons of the Canadian drama stateside, isn’t shutting the door to a third season.

Sources at the U.S. channel indicated CW is talking to Epitome Pictures about the future of The L.A. Complex, a soap about Canadian wannabe stars in Hollywood.

Stohn called the partnership with The CW “valuable,” and noted the series has support from broadcasters in 170 territories.

A first season of six episodes and a sophomore run of 13 episodes aired on MuchMusic and The CW stateside, with the second season audience on MuchMusic being well down on the first cycle.

The drama, written and directed by Martin Gero, was previously known as Highland Gardens, and starred Jonathan Patrick Moore, Joe Dinicol, Andra Fuller, Chelan Simmons, Cassie Steele, Benjamin Charles Watson and Jewel Staite.

The L.A. Complex is also executive produced by Linda Schuyler of Epitome Pictures, along with Gero.

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  • DaPrOpHeTiC

    daz okay theres nuttin that can save muchmusic now adays, in my youth we used to think it wud b the music. HECK. LA complex is probably better on another network but theyre target demo doesn’t watch tv n e more, by the time they cud produce a third season they money will be elsewhere. LA complex on ice! The kids would love it! just in time for xmas mom n pa.

    peace – xXxDaPrOpHeTiCxXx

  • http://twitter.com/SumpRod Rod Sump

    Just make the gay rapper a vampire and throw it on Showcase…uh hello?

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