CMF invests $8.9M in 31 projects

The Canada Media Fund invested $1.3 million in Aboriginal program projects, $2 million in the diverse languages program, and $5.6 million in 18 Francophone minority projects.

The Canada Media Fund has supported 31 projects in the latest round of its convergent stream’s Aboriginal, diverse languages and Francophone minority programs.

Three companies from Manitoba and Quebec in the Aboriginal program received a $1.3 million investment.

Two kids and youth projects, Dream Big I and Hit the Ice II, and one variety and performing arts project, Nagamowin, received support.

$1.2 million supported TV production and $0.1 million supported digital media production in this round of Aboriginal program.

And 10 projects received a total of $2 million in the diverse languages program.

Five documentary projects, including three from Telelatino Network Inc. ($174,842 each), German-language Call of The Wild, an Alberta-Yukon copro from ID Productions inc. and Fresh From the Yukon ($141,800) and Mandarin-language David and Goliath: David Matas Battles the Giant of Injustice from B.C.’s Flying Cloud Productions ($154,321) received a total investment of more than $800,000.

In the Francophone minority program, the CMF contributed $5.6 million to 18 projects.

A total of six projects from New Brunswick were supported in the program, along with eight from Ontario, two from B.C., one project from Manitoba and a copro between Ontario and Quebec.

For a full list of the supported projects in this round, click here.