Omnifilm launches Primeval apps

Primeval: dFX - Dino Movie Maker (pictured) lets users insert dinosaurs from the series into their own video clips, while Primeval: New World lets users play missions as series characters, both with in-app purchase options.

Dinosaurs are once again to roam the Earth, this time as part of mobile video created by fans of the Canadian sci-fi drama Primeval: New World.

Indie producer Omnifilm Entertainment has launched two mobile apps inspired by Primeval: New World.

The first, Primeval: dFX – Dino Movie Maker lets users insert dinosaurs into their own video clips.

And the second Primeval: New World app takes users on varied missions where they play as a series character of their choice.

The apps target the show’s social media and tech-savvy audience, said Omnifilm partner and series exec producer Gabriela Schonbach in a statement, adding that the apps provide the active fan base with new ways to interact with the series across multiple platforms.

Primeval: New World has the richest and most diverse collection of online and mobile content we have ever launched for a Space original series. Not only are we offering our viewers an exciting and engaging website with unique user generated content, but we are also providing them with mobile game app experiences. The cross promotion of the television series through these different mediums is a perfect fit for our engaged audience,” said Space senior producer of digital Bill Lundy in his own statement.

Primeval: dFX – Dino Movie Maker lets users insert various dinosaurs featured in the show into their own video clips recorded via iPhone or iPad.

The clips can then be shared online via social media or email.

The app is free to purchase, with in-app purchase options to unlock specific dinosaurs or unlock all Dino FX.

Primeval: dFX launched in the iTunes App Store earlier this month, and is posting an average of 450 installs per day, according to data provided by Omnifilm.

The mobile app was produced for Omnifilm by Calgary-based iPhone and iPad app developer Robots and Pencils, with support from the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, Canada Media Fund and Space.

The second app, Primeval: New World, is a traditional platform game, slated to launch later this month.

Users can choose a character from the series to control in various missions to defend the street of Vancouver from dinosaur attacks, capture creatures and rescue civilians.

As players move up levels and enter into new environments, they collect tokens and points to be used for in-App purchases.

Primeval: New World, produced by Omni Film Productions and filmed in Vancouver, is a North American spin-off of the original U.K. series from Impossible Pictures, and follows a specialized team of animal experts and scientists that investigates temporal anomalies and battles prehistoric and futuristic creatures.

It stars a slew of Canadian talent, including Niall Matter and Sara Canning.

The series is exec produced by Martin Wood and Gillian Horvath, and Gabriela Schonbach and Michael Chechik for Omni Film, and created by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. Horvath, Peter Hume, Jon Cooksey, Sarah Dodd, Katherine Collins and Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens helm the writers’ room.