David Cronenberg to voice Tales From the Organ Trade doc

David Cronenberg Headshot

David Cronenberg is used to making big screen monsters out of body parts.

So it’s fitting the Canadian director is to narrate an investigative documentary on organ trafficking for HBO from indie producer Associated Producers.

Tales From the Organ Trade, which probes the shadowy world of black market organ trafficking, was written and directed by Ric Esther Bienstock, who made earlier a documentary about human trafficking.

“His (Cronenberg’s) ideas often make us feel uncomfortable. We loved the idea of having him narrate the documentary, as a nod to this idea of intelligent discomfort. It’s a coup for us that he agreed to narrate our film,” Bienstock said of the Canadian director agreeing to the voicing gig.

Tales from the Organ Trade will also air on Global Television and Canal D.

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