MPAA head Chris Dodd to speak at Prime Time conference

The former U.S. senator-turned-Hollywood studio lobbyist will deliver a keynote address at the March 6 to 8, 2013 gathering.

The Canadian Media Production Association’s Prime Time conference in March has a heavy-hitter on board as a keynote speaker: Chris Dodd, CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America.

The producers’ confab will hear the former U.S. senator-turned-top Hollywood lobbyist talk about issues common to Los Angeles and Canadian producers, including video piracy, digital cinema and the DVD slump.

Prime Time, which brings industry players together to discuss the future of film, TV and interactive media, had former MPAA topper Dan Glickman provide a keynote address in 2006.

And the late Jack Valenti addressed the Canadian producers’ conference in Ottawa in 2002.

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