CMF launches transmedia resource with Screen Australia

The Transmedia Multiplatform and Convergent Resource Kit will provide Canadian and Australian digital media producers with market intelligence.

Following a research partnership formed with Screen Australia, the Canada Media Fund on Wednesday announced the launch of the Transmedia Multiplatform and Convergent (TMC) Resource Kit at Power to the Pixel’s Cross-Media Forum in London.

“This is a valuable resource for Canadian and Australian creators and producers who are working in the expanding digital media market. It is a website that will continue to evolve and add pertinent information fo r the industry,” said the CMF’s director of industry and market trends Catalina Briceno in a statement.

The kit, designed and developed by Dr. Siobhan O’Flynn and Anthea Foyer, will provide market intelligence on emergent technologies, platforms and practices to media producers in both countries, in addition to examples of convergent, multi-platform and transmedia national and international projects and information on working with other industry partners.

The site includes a case studies section, dissecting strategies and executions for projects from the U.K., U.S., Canada and Australia, including Canadian projects Choco-locate and The Ghosts in Our Machine, and the U.S.’ Hunger Games. Kidnapped! and Degrassi are also slated to join the Canadian case study roster.

And the co-production section will aim “to demystify [the] process” of undertaking co-productions by offering tips and hints on the financing process in both countries, including advice from executives at funding agencies.

The site also offers advice on collaborations between traditional and digital media producers and a slew of resources aggregated under a transmedia how-to heading.

The partnership between the CMF and Screen Australia, the federal government’s direct funding body for the Australian screen production industry, was supported by the Canadian Media Production Association.

The TMC kit can be found at