Seevibes launches social media geo-targeting tool


Montreal-based social media metrics company Seevibes has launched a new product that includes a tool that it says precisely pinpoints the location of clusters of social media hits about programs.

Called the TV Dashboard, Seevibes says it was developed with the help of Harvard researcher Philippe Bouzaglou, who played a key role in the creation of the social graph that formed the basis of Facebook’s relationship system.

The TV Dashboard can help broadcasters get more value out of their program development budgets in response to consumer interest.

Seevibes first launched its social TV ratings service at the Banff World Media Festival last June. At the time, company founder Laurent Maisonnave said the company tracked one million social media interactions daily.

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  • mikefly

    It would be great if there were links to these sites in these articles.  It would probably help Playback’s SEO as well.  

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