Factual spotlight: Vision TV

VP of independent production and multi-faith content Joan Jenkinson commissions for three strands, all with religion at the core.
Joan Jenkinson

As part of Playback sister publication realscreen’s annual Global Pitch Guide, released each fall, Playback over several days has featured a series of profiles with leading Canadian factual commissioners, this being the final installment; the profiles have included intel on what they’re looking for now, how to pitch, and what they pay.


Joan Jenkinson, VP of independent production & multi-faith content, Zoomermedia

CONTACT INFO: proposals@zoomermedia.ca

TREATMENT OR TAPE: Both are welcome.

TARGET DEMO/AUDIENCE: 45+ (with the majority over 60).

WHAT SHE’S LOOKING FOR: Jenkinson is commissioning independent productions for three strands, and is looking for one-off and limited documentary series, half-hour supernatural and paranormal documentary series, and half-hour gospel music programs, all with religion at the core.

For the first strand, she’s looking for religion as it intersects with science, archaeology, politics and world events, and cites as examples The Jesus Discovery, a doc on the earliest evidence of Jesus’ resurrection after death; Temple Mount, a three-part series on the history and future of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem; and the three-part series The Church of Elvis, on how faith influenced the music icon, and how he inspired near religious adulation among his fans.

PITCHING TIPS: “Start by emailing a short paragraph, followed by a phone conversation. If there is interest submit a full proposal,” she says. Proposals should include the region in which the producer’s company is located, logline, synopsis, treatment, CVs of the creative team, a summary of the budget, and a release form, among other details outlined online at visiontv.ca/about-vision/producerguidelines

Also, “don’t forget to identify up front the genre, length and number of episodes.”

WHAT THEY PAY: Licence fees range from $20,000 to $45,000 per half-hour and $30,000 to $75,000 per hour.

HOW TO MAKE A SMOKING SIZZLE REEL: “Sizzle reels should be treated like mini-programs – with a beginning, middle and end. Only use clips that present subjects delivering the best possible performance.”