Kolody expands cross-platform entertainment offerings

The Toronto-based company is developing a lifestyle factual series, a transmedia app and a platform for app-isodes under the leadership of partner Colin Turnbull (pictured).

Toronto digital agency Kolody has unveiled the opening of a new production arm that is developing and producing original cross-platform screen-entertainment content.

Led by company partner Colin Turnbull (pictured), the arm is working on three new projects: Knockedout, a lifestyle factual series; DEEPCity 2030, a transmedia simulator app that supports a documentary and an app-isode platform for production companies and broadcasters.

“All of these projects are passion projects — ones that we’ve had on our minds for years — and we are ready to make them a reality,” Turnbull said in a statement. He added the app-isode platform will facilitate the distribution and consumption of content online.

Knockedout follows two friends on a what Kolody called a transformational 10,000-km journey. One friend must go from being a neophyte to competitive mixed martial arts fighter in six weeks as the other friend helps his buddy prepare for his first MMA bout.

DeepCITY 2030 is an urban simulator game that focuses on the resiliency of cities and environmental sustainability. It is the first in a series of interactive projects in collaboration with The End from Suburbia and Escape from Suburbia documentary filmmaker Gregory Greene.

Kolody, which will be at MIPCOM, has previously worked with clients such as Shaftesbury and Peace Point Entertainment. A recent creation, called Roller Johnny, was an iDevice first developed for the Teletoon property Johnny Test, which garnered attention for its use of split-screen technology.