Imax chooses first Bollywood movie to remaster and release

The move follows local-language movie releases in China and Russia as the Canadian giant screen exhibitor mixes up its offerings to global audiences.

Imax has chosen its first Bollywood local language release for India and Indian audiences globally: the Aamir Khan-starrer Dhoom:3.

The Canadian giant screen exhibitor is following up local language releases in China and Russia by supersizing the Yash Raj Films’ action thriller through a digital remastering process.

The third installment of the hit action franchise Dhoom will then be released in Imax’s 14 theatres that are open or contracted to open in India.

The Bollywood thriller, which is currently shooting and set for a 2013 release, also stars Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra and Katrina Kaif, as it portrays a no-nonsense cop and his scatterbrained partner.

A four-theatre deal signed earlier this year in India with SPI Cinemas Private Ltd. put the Canadian giant screen exhibitor in a position to release local language pictures in an expanding Indian market.

Imax is stepping up its focus on India because its exhibition market is growing and around 90% of box office revenue flows from non-English language movies.

“Our network growth in India has reached a point where we’re now able to present local-language films in Imax, which is paramount to our success in the region,” said Imax filmed entertainment chairman and president Greg Foster.

“With its riveting action set pieces, global locales and stunning visuals, Dhoom:3 is an ideal film to take advantage of our immersive format as we begin our initiative with Indian-language/Bollywood films,” he added.