Martha Fusca steps down from Stornoway day-to-day control

The company founder will spearhead Fusion, the broadcaster's latest venture.

Martha Fusca has stepped down from her position as president and CEO of Stornoway Communications after 12 years leading the company.

Fusca will move sideways to spearhead Stornoway latest venture, Fusion.

“Stornoway is synonymous with Martha, and we are delighted that she has agreed to accept this new role with Fusion. Fusion was conceived by Martha, and no one could bring more understanding and commitment to this exciting new project,” Jim Macdonald, chairman of the Stornoway Communications board of directors, said Wednesday in a statement.

Fusca in 2000 succeeded with application by then-Stornoway Productions for four digital specialty channels, which led to today Stornoway Communications running ichannel, The Pet Network and bpm:tv.