FX Canada, CityNews expand reach to Cogeco Digital TV

The networks (FX Canada pictured here) became available on the digital TV provider Tuesday, as Rogers continues its strategy to compete nationally.

Rogers Media on Tuesday said that FX Canada and CityNews will now be available on all Cogeco Digital TV systems in Ontario.

The launch will see the former, which carries hit programs such as American Horror Story and Sons of Anarchy, offered as a free preview to Cogeco’s basic digital subscribers until Aug. 31, after which the channel will be available as part of Cogeco’s Digital Select package.

Meanwhile, the Cogeco debut of CityNews represents another step for Rogers in expanding the City brand’s reach to the national level.

In May, Rogers unveiled a deal with indie broadcaster Channel Zero to acquire Metro14 Montréal, expected to go to hearing for CRTC approval in the fall.

Simultaneously, Rogers pacted with Vancouver-based Jim Pattison Broadcast Group to bring Citytv content to stations in Alberta and B.C., while on Canada Day the media giant launched its new Citytv outlet in Saskatchewan, following a licensing deal with the CRTC in which Rogers will commit 23 per cent of the network’s revenue to indie production.

CityNews is currently available online and via app for iPad and iPhone, as well through cable providers, such as Rogers Cable and Cable Cable.

Meanwhile, FX Canada is currently available to subscribers across the country on Rogers Cable, Telus, Sasktel, MTS, Eastlink, and Cable Cable.