California-based Mechnology expands Vancouver operations

VFX studio is looking to tap west coast talent as it expands its digital lab to bolster its transmedia and multi-platform content offerings and take on larger projects says president Chip Potter (pictured).

Glendale, Calif.- based VFX studio Mechnology is expanding its Vancouver operations with a second studio.

Its new location expands the company’s local digital lab by offering greater VFX services for film and TV.  The company is also on the lookout for Vancouver producers who create transmedia and multi-platform content. The company says it has created several mobile apps for filmmakers, two mobile games and innovative 3D management tools.

“Although our on-set supervision and visual effects work for television and film is Mechnology’s bread and butter, through our digital lab we’ve been creating other assets, pipelines and software along the way for ourselves and our clients,” said Potter, citing previous Mechnology projects like interactive corporate presentations, prototypes for amusement park rides and gaming and education apps as examples.

“Film and TV is booming in Vancouver and increasingly it’s a place to innovate for the new media industry,” said Mechnology founder and president Chip Potter (pictured) in a statement.

As part of the expansion, Sean Bowers, who previously worked in production and post-pro positions with Syfy, Lionsgate and Alliance Atlantis, is being brought on board as Vancouver Mechnology’s general manager.

Additionally, Kristen Sharp will join the team as VFX producer. Sharp previously worked at Rainmaker Entertainment, Vanguard Animation/Starz Entrtainment and digital production studio and creative agency Goldtooth Creative.