Syndicado expands digital content partnership

Toronto digital distributor gets more international docs and features like Oasis (pictured) via growing partnership with U.S.-based Lifesize Entertainment.

Toronto-based digital distributor Syndicado has expanded its partnership with U.S.-based DVD distributor and international sales agent Lifesize Entertainment.

The latest expansion sees Syndicado add a slew of narrative films and international doc features to its catalog, which is available to both traditional and digital distribution partners.

The deal adds more than 300 hours to Syndicado’s library, including films Monster Camp (U.S.), Geburtig (Austria), Wall (Israel/France), Oasis (Korea, pictured) and Wild Camp (France).

“Based on the overwhelming response we’ve had from our major digital retailers on the first tranche of films we acquired from Lifesize Entertainment, we sought to extend our partnership for both new titles and distribution opportunities, including television sales for Canada. With this exclusive partnership, Syndicado now includes major film festival award winners and Oscar’s best foreign film category entries,” said Syndicado president Greg Rubidge in a statement.

The companies earlier announced a distribution partnership in April. That deal marked a catalog expansion for Syndicado beyond doc features and factual TV programming, and let Lifesize leverage Syndicado’s distribution relationships with platforms like iTunes, Microsoft, hulu, vudu, YouTube and Netflix.