Distribution360 sells Splatalot to Nickelodeon

The kids obstacle course reality series, originally commissioned by YTV, the BBC and Australia's ABC networks, will debut on the U.S. channel on Tuesday, July 17 with back-to-back episodes.

Nickelodeon has picked up the first season of the Canadian obstacle course reality series Splatalot as part of a deal with international distributor Distribution360.

The series from marblemedia, which airs on YTV and Teletoon French in Canada, will debut on the U.S. channel on Tuesday with back-to-back episodes airing in primetime.

“Partnering with Nickelodeon is really an exciting turning point for this show,” Matt Hornburg, managing partner at Distribution360, said in a statement Monday.

“With Splatalot’s international success, we are confident that this series will bring U.S. audiences lots of laughter and entertainment,” he added.

The first season of Splatalot, comprising 26 half-hours, features kids attempting to make their way along an extreme obstacle course by avoiding spills into the water.

The series was originally commissioned as an international co-production by YTV, the BBC and Australia’s ABC.

Splatalot is now seen in over 100 countries worldwide.