Cindy Witten leaving NFB as head of English program

The former History Television exec came to the public filmmaker in 2008 and created its first digital studio.

Cindy Witten is leaving the National Film Board of Canada after four and a half years as director general, English program.

The NFB in a statement said Witten is headed to the exit to “take on new challenges in the digital sphere.”

The move follows Witten, who came to the NFB in 2008 after serving as VP at History Television, creating the NFB’s first digital studio.

Her credits at the NFB included Waterlife, Welcome to Pine Point, Bear 71 and God’s Lake Narrows.

“Cindy has been essential to our digital shift,” NFB chair Tom Perlmutter, whom Witten succeeded as head of English programming, said in a statement Wednesday.

“She understood early what it would mean to create new kinds of works for the audiences of tomorrow, and she delivered works that remain the gold standard for interactive documentaries. Her passion and intelligence will be missed,” he added.

“I have had a brilliant team and been privileged to work with many of the most talented artists, filmmakers, programmers/designers in the country,” Witten said in her own statement.