Seattle broadcaster seeking Canadian productions


Seattle, Washington public TV station KCTS 9 is looking to develop multi-part factual programs in partnership with Canadian indie producers, disclosed the Alberta Media Production Industries Association (AMPIA) on Wednesday.

“Although KCTS 9 is located in the States, over half of its viewership comes out of Canada. KCTS 9 wishes to better serve its Canadian audiences by producing more programming that has broad appeal to audiences on both sides of the border,” the station said in a statement released by AMPIA.

The station is specifically looking to develop “highly visual natural history/environmental series” driven by events and strong storytelling, and looking to meet with indie producers in Alberta to develop series suitable for narration in several languages.

KCTS 9, which is a U.S. Public Broadcasting System (PBS) affiliate, also said that the series should not be dependent on presenters, interviews or “talking heads.”

KCTS 9 VP content John Lindsay and development coordinator Emma Dively will be in Calgary to meet with producers on July 24.

For more information on the KCTS 9 initiative, contact AMPIA.

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