Bell Fund invests in 15 projects in latest round

Tween series The Next Step, sci-fi series Primeval: New World and Quebec DJ doc Histoire de Deejays are among the selected projects.

The Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund has given production grants to seven English-language projects and eight French-language projects in its latest application round.

Anne’s Droids, a 13 x 22 minute science-based action-adventure series for TVO, produced by Blair Powers, J.J. Johnson and Matthew Bishop of Sinking Ship Entertainment, received a production grant. Powers will produce Anne’s Junkyard, an online and tablet gaming hub with games exploring scientific concepts.

Also receiving coin was GlassBox Media Inc.’s one-hour special and contest My Top Ten for Travel + Escape, exec produced by Marcia Martin, and companion monthly tablet magazine app Travel + Escape Top Tens, produced by Raja Khanna and service co Mighty Digital.

The Bell Fund also invested in Temple Dance Productions Inc.’s The Next Step, exec produced by David Fortier, Ivan Schneeberg and Frank van Keeken and produced by Laurie McClarty for Family Channel, a scripted reality show for tweens, with James Milward of Secret Location will produce The Next Step‘s mobile and online hub; and Anomaly Productions Inc.’s sci-fi series Primeval: New World, exec produced by Gabriela Schonbach, Michael Chechik, Katie Newman, Tim Haines and Martin Wood and produced by George Horie for Space. Brian Hamilton will produce the multi-platform Primeval: New World DMC with service cos Vancouver-based Switch United and Calgary-based Robots and Pencils, featuring games user-created Primeval-themed content.

Also receiving grants were Miaomiao, from Leo Yu He of Apex Media Corp, who will also produce iPad app Learning Chinese with Miaomiao; Slugterra, exec produced by Charles Johnson and Ken Faier and produced by Asaph Fipke for Family Channel, and online, interactive hub Slugterra Online, produced by Nancy Lees of Nerd Corps Interactive; and History dramatic series Vikings, exec produced by John Weber, Sheila Hockin, Sherry Marsh, James Flynn, Michael Hirst and Alan Gasmer and produced by Steve Wakefield and Keith Thompson, with digital media component History’s Vikings, produced by Weber.

And in French, 19-2 saison 2, exec produced by Luc Châtelain and Jocelyn Deschênes and produced by Sophie Pellerin and Mélanie Lamothe received a production grant. The team, with service co LVL Studio, will also produce a Facebook game based around the series’ patrol officer characters.

Productions GFP Inc.’s Les enfants de la télé (saison 3), produced by Guy Villeneuve and Michel St-Cyr, featuring public personalities and celebrities reunited and reacting to archival content of themselves, was also selected. Villeneuve and St-Cyr, with service cos TOXA and Turbulent, both based in Montreal.

Doc series Miroir…miroir, exec produced by Raymond Gauthier and Christine Fauteax for TV5, featuring social analysis on physical beauty, also received a grant. Fauteau, with service co Productions Version 10, will produce the website and mobile app.

Lucie Tremblay will produce Lowik Média 2008′s The Pleasures of Scents and accompanying website and mobile app (with service co LVL Studio). The film, based on the notion that smell is the superior of the five senses, tells the story of sommelier Francois Chartier.

And Vivaclic’s doc series Tactik 5, produced by Francine Forest for Télé –Québec, following young athletes both in their sports and personal lives, received Bell Fund coin. Forest, with service co Turbulent Média, will produce Tactik 5 Web and Phototactik app, which lets users transform photomontages using sets from the TV series.

Also selected were Productions Pimiento’s Amerikologie saison 2, produced by Orlando Arriagada for TV5 and accompanying online reference portal Génie360 (saison 2), produced by Arriagada and Daniela Mujica; Productions Pixcom Inc.’s futuristic series Les argonautes and accompanying digital game component, produced by  Nadine Dufour (with ODD1 as digital service co); and Quebec DJ documentary from Périphéria productions, Histoire de Deejays, produced by Yanick Létourneau, with original immersive web and mobile doc 24 heures dan la vie d’un DJ, produced by Ghassan Fayad from Kung Fu Numerik Inc.

The Bell Fund provides grants to Canadian indie producers who develop and produce TV content with digital content designed for different platforms.