Banff 2012: Teletoon orders two new series, and renews another three

The animated specialty channel gave full season orders for Dr. Dimensionpants from Cookie Jar Entertainment and Endangered Species (pictured) from Nerd Corps Entertainment.

Canadian animated specialty channel Teletoon on Monday unveiled two new series and renewed three others at the Banff World Media Festival.

Teletoon has given a full-season order of 26 half-hours to Dr. Dimensionpants, from Cookie Jar Entertainment.

The cartoon about a 10-year-old boy who dons a pair of cosmic power pants is set to air on Teletoon in winter 2014.

Teletoon also order 13 half-hours of Endangered Species, a cartoon about a cranky squirrel, an optimistic bunny and a neurotic seagull from Nerd Corps Entertainment.

The broadcast also announced fresh season orders for Johnny Test, Detentionaire and Fugget About It.

Johnny Test, from Cookie Jar Entertainment, is due for a sixth season, or 13 half-hours, while Nelvana’s Detentionaire will see its third season of 13 half-hours air on Teletoon.

And Fugget About It, from 9 Story Entertainment, will air another 13 half-hours as part of its second season on Teletoon.