Bell Media listens in

The company has unveiled audio fingerprinting, a new digital ad format which links ads on CTV stations with those on its CTV mobile app.

In addition to launching its new fall schedule, Bell Media also rolled out a new ad opportunity, called audio fingerprinting.

The new feature gives the company’s CTV app the ability to hear when the user is watching CTV on their TV and pops up messages on the mobile device to coincide with the ads appearing on TV.

“If you’re on the CTV app, we’ll have the audio fingerprint running in the background, and it will be listening in to the broadcast, and will give us lots of opportunities to incorporate unique customer experience and advertising experiences,” Gary Anderson, head of Bell Media Digital, told Playback yesterday morning, ahead of CTV’s afternoon upfront presentation.

The example Kevin Crull, president, Bell Media walked through at Thursday’s upfront showed a user watching CTV on television while their partner was watching TSN on their tablet. When a commercial for Bell Fibe was rolling on TV, a box popped up on the tablet asking the user to indicate where they are located so they can see more details about Bell Fibe services in their area.

“Audio fingerprinting is a secondary platform for richer information,” Crull told the upfront audience, adding, “the brand awareness gets an immediate call to action and mode of response.”

From Media in Canada