Quebecor Fund invests $2.88 million for digital extensions

The latest investment by the digital innovation fund includes coin for Quebec series 19-2, Un sur, Tu m'aimes-tu? and Signe M.

The Quebecor Fund has doled out $2.88 million to nine indie producers for ten upcoming TV shows.

The lists of recipients includes 19-2, a Radio Canada cop drama from Duo Productions that plans an online game where viewers can help write a side story on Facebook, or a series webcast.

The Quebecor Fund is also funding TVA’s Un sur, where Aetios Productions plans augmented content and a mobile quiz,

And Zone3′s Unité for Radio Canada, which promises to enable viewers to follow the life of a middle-age female character in jail for attempted murder between TV episodes.

There’s also Quebecor coin headed to the Radio Canada dramedy Tu m’aimes-tu? from TVA Productions that plans a digital extension about the state of love in Quebec.

Other shows receiving Quebecor coin include Cineflix’s Copper, a drama to now include a mobile app and a Facebook game, and TVA’s Signé M, a cooking show from DATSIT Studios to include a website, a tablet app, a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account.

There’s also investment for interactive components for Tele-Quebec’s Génial! from Echo Media Production, Radio Canada and Treehouse Television’s Toopy and Binoo – Vroom Vroom Zoom, from Solofilms, ARTV’s Les Touilleurs from TVA Productions, and TVA’s Boum Théo!, which plans an online microsite for kids.