Writer/director Ben Mazzotta is set to shoot The Picco Incident

The Picco Incident

Scott Walker and Alicia Micallef are headlining The Picco Incident, the latest indie feature from Toronto writer/director Ben Mazzotta.

The mico-budget sci-fi thriller portrays a family’s terror when a UFO crashes on their farm and captures a crash survivor.

The film, which is starting production June 2, also stars Gillian Abbott and Brendan Nasr.

Maria Kennedy (The Limits, Now You Know) of Little Engine Moving Pictures is producing The Picco Incident, which was co-written by Brad Abraham.

Mazzotta’s film shoot will use hand-held cameras and computer-generated visual effects for a found-footage style.

The project is yet to land international distribution.

Photo: The Picco Incident

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