Rob Ramsay, Julian Richings and Lisa Ray find Boy Toy with Suki Films

The trio are reuniting after starring in Craig Goodwill's short film Patch Town, on which the upcoming feature is based.

Just as Craig Goodwill’s short film Patch Town (pictured) screens at the  Cannes Film Festival on May 21, Montreal-based Suki Films has unveiled the cast for the feature adaptation, Boy Toy.

And with Rob Ramsay, Julian Richings and Lisa Ray top-lining Boy Toy, the cast reunites the talent for Patch Town, which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Goodwill’s short film, told as a Russian fable, tells the story of an abandoned toy who longs to be reunited with his adoptive mother.

The protagonist soon finds himself in a life or death struggle with the Patch Town underworld, led by the notorious child catcher.

Patch Town was written by Catherine Gourdier, produced by Anneli Ekborn and co-produced by David Sparkes.

Trevor Martin and Christopher Bond are expanding Patch Town into the Boy Toy feature screenplay, which Sparkes, Kim Berlin and Susan Schneir of Suki Films and Gourdier will produce.

Boy Toy will start production in Toronto in November 2012.