Bell Fund invested $13M in 2011: Annual report

The fund supported 148 projects, including production of 62 digital media projects and 25 associate TV programs.

The Bell Fund invested nearly $13 million in 148 projects, including 86 digital media and related television productions, according to its 2011 Annual Report, which was released this week.

The industry fund also indicated that it assisted development on 35 digital media projects during its last fiscal year.

The Bell Fund invested $9.7 million in production on 62 digital media projects, and another $1.7 million on 25 associated TV programs, with 57% of funding going to English-language projects and 43% to French projects.

Additionally, 17 low-budget digital media projects received almost $1 million in investment, and, after the fund expanding its Development Program last February, 35 digital media projects received $1.2 million for concept development – up from 63% year-earlier levels.

A total of 25 professional development training activities, including the Academy for Canadian Cinema and Television, Banff Festival Foundation, the Canadian Media Production Association and the Youth Media Alliance, received grants totaling $134,5000.

Since 1997, the Bell Fund has invested more than $106 million in 1086 projects.