Jason Reitman, Nia Vardalos and John Landis lined up for Telefilm Canada’s Hollywood comedy bootcamp

Participants in the Just For Laughs-backed Canadian Film Centre program are also being mentored by Zanne Devine, Anne Fletcher and Kirsten Smith.
Director Producer_Jason_Reitman,_Norman_Jewison,_Lynne_St._David-Jewison_and_Carolle_Brabant,_Executive_Director_of_Telefilm_Canada_-small

Jason Reitman, Nia Vardalos and Zanne Devine are this week mentoring young Canadian comedic director/producer teams at the Telefilm Canada Features Comedy Lab as it heads to Los Angeles.

The trio of Canadian talent are joined at the Canadian Film Centre incubator by fellow theatrical comedy mentors and guests John Landis, best known for Animal House and The Blues Brothers; Anne Fletcher, director of The Proposal and 27 Dresses; and Kirsten Smith, who wrote 10 Things I Hate About You.

Reitman will bring his expertise gathered while directing Young Adult and the award-winning Juno, while Vardalos is best known for her break-out theatrical laugher My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Devine, who divides her time between Vancouver and Los Angeles, recently launched her own Canadian distribution outfit, Pacific Northwest Pictures.

Other mentors at the Just For Laughs-backed comedy bootcamp include Ron Yerxa, who produced Little Miss Sunshine; Tucker and Dale vs. Evil writer/director Eli Craig; David Frankel, director of The Devil Wears Prada; and Brad Peyton, director of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

The Hollywood talent will lead workshops and one-on-one sessions with teams of Canadian filmmakers looking to package their scripts for production at home or in Los Angeles.

The comedy projects being put through the paces this week in Los Angeles include the mystery comedy Fit To Print (producer Michael McNamara, writer/director Daniel Perlmutter), the zombie rom-com Zombie Love (producer Marc Stephenson, writer Jonathan Williams), the dramedy Birthmarked (producers Pierre Even and Marie-Claude Poulin, writer Marc Tulin) and the female slacker comedy How to Change Everything Without Doing Anything (producer Blake Corbet, writer/director Kris Lefcoe).

Pictured: Jason Reitman, CFC founder Norman Jewison, Lynne St. David-Jewison and Telefilm exec director Carolle Brabant at The Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills on March 6. The reception for the mentors and participants of the Telefilm Canada Features Comedy  Lab was hosted by the CFC.