Bravo!FACT boosts shorts fund

The funder makes significant changes to its grant formula, including doubling the maximum grant for longer-form shorts.
02-02-12 Sorry rabbi

Short film makers in Canada will soon have a little more coin to create with, thanks to a set of changes to Bravo!FACT’s short-film funding formula.

The funder announced Wednesday that it is doubling the dollar amount of its maximum grant from $25,000 to $50,000 for seven-and-a-half-minute shorts and introduced new standard lengths for eligible projects.

Films of one minute are eligible for grants of up to $10,000, and those of seven-and-a-half for the maximum $50,000. The change was made in order to make it easier to program short film content on television, Bravo!FACT said in a statement.

The funder has also removed its requirement that producers match a minimum of 50% of overall funding.

Of significant note to short film makers, Bravo!FACT also said that it is putting a new focus on funding on short-form contemporary drama, towards a mandate of increasing exposure for short films in Canada.

Bravo!FACT 2012 submission deadlines are March 9, June 8, Aug. 31, and Dec. 7.

Photo: 2011′s Sorry Rabbi