10 To Watch: Amy Matysio

Amy Matysio

Age: 30
Residence: Regina
Agency: CTM International (Vancouver)
Buzz: Just wrapped a stage run of one-woman play The Syringa Tree, earned a Canadian Comedy Award nod with her troupe General Fools and currently in development on her series inSAYSHAble, co-created with Minds Eye Entertainment for Citytv

Splitting time between Regina and L.A. seems to be a bit of an unusual divide, but it suits Amy Matysio just fine, as she’s attracted just as many opportunities for herself as in any other big city.

In fact, she’s even surprised folks in the U.S. when she’s auditioning south of the border. “They look at my resume and say, ‘Where did you do all this?’” she says with a laugh, noting their constant surprise when she tells them of the multitude of opportunities on home turf.

That includes performances not limited to just the film and TV world. This past summer, she wrapped her stage run of The Syringa Tree, a one-woman play in which she spoke 16 regional African dialects and took on the roles of 23 different characters.

She’s also been an ensemble member of her comedy troupe General Fools Improvisational Theatre for the past 13 years, which earned a nod from Canadian Comedy Awards this year.

This year in particular has been a busy one for the still-budding actor. With some guest spots on Corner Gas and Little Mosque on the Prairie, as well as feature credits (Just Friends starring Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart, and The Unsaid with Andy Garcia), Matysio is all but occupied with her latest project, half-hour comedy series inSAYSHAble.

She teamed up with indie prodco Minds Eye Entertainment in Regina to develop and coproduce a web series, which began as a short that she’d developed with her fellow comedy ensemble member Tatiana Maslany. Matysio was itching to flesh out the Saysha character more fully. “She’s a part of me and in me and ready to come out,” she says. “She’s that Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry character and we never leave her in the show. She’s not autobiographical, but I wanted to bring in things that I know.”

It would seem that everything was falling into place for Matysio – following the opening weekend of Syringa, she found herself flying to Toronto to pitch Citytv on inSAYSHAble, now in development for a TV series.

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