Telefilm invests $11.3 million in 22 films

McDonald's Hard Core Logo 2 to be released by Alliance Films

Telefilm Canada has invested another $11.3 million in 22 homegrown English-language films, including Bruce McDonald¹s sequel Hard Core Logo 2, and the Kat Dennings-starrer Daydream Nation, the teenage comedy from writer/director Michael Goldbach.

The latest investments from the Canada Feature Film Fund includes coin for A Beginner’s Guide to Endings, the Jonathan Sobol comedy from Darius Films and distributor eOne Films, and the horror thriller The Corridor from director Evan Kelly, writer Josh MacDonald and producer Kulwar Films.

Ottawa’s film financier also got behind writer/director Ryan Redford’s suspense drama Oliver Sherman, from Film Works, Thomas Michael¹s Running Mates, a comedy about a town divided when Archie Fenton and his best friend compete to be mayor, from Running Mates Productions, and writer/director Ed Gass-Donnelly¹s Small Town Murder Songs, a murder mystery from indie producer STMS Films and distributor Kinosmith.

Telefilm also got behind two other laughers, Textuality, a romancer from Strident Films and director Warren Sonoda, to be released by eOne Films, and Whirligig, Chaz Thorne¹s latest film, a comedy written by Michael Amo about a young man who adopts a 12 year-old boy to win the heart of his married mother.

Two East Productions, Standing 8 Productions, and Big Motion Pictures are producing Whirligig, while Kinosmith will distribute.

There’s also funding for Daydream Nation, another romancer, this time shot in and around Vancouver with impressive producer credits for Christine Haebler, Trish Dolman, Simone Urdl, Jennifer Weiss, and Hard Core Logo 2, co-written by Bruce McDonald and David Griffith, shot in Saskatchewan and to be released by Alliance Films.

And on the low-budget film side, Telefilm is putting coin in the Ontario project Every Emotion Costs, writer/director Darlene Naponse; Snow, a drama from writer/director Rohan Fernando; and Standstill, an English language feature from Quebec written and directed by Majdi El-Omari.