E1 looking to relocate

Studio plans to move its stock listing to the LSE, and its headquarters from the Caymans to Canada

E1 Entertainment plans a move to the London Stock Exchange main market and its place of incorporation from the Cayman Islands to Canada.

The move comes as E1 board member Robert Lantos cashes out all of his ordinary shares in the indie studio after a recent run-up in its stock price.

E1 said it is in talks with the U.K. Listing Authority to move its listing from London’s secondary AIM exchange to the LSE’s main market owing to ‘the current size, increasing maturity and ambition of the company.’

Subject to shareholder and regulatory approvals, E1 will widen its investor base on the LSE while it moves its legal domicile, or corporate headquarters, to Canada.

And for tax purposes, E1 intends to change its current offshore residence from Jersey to Canada to better conform with Canadian film and TV distribution rules.

The latest corporate moves at E1 follow adverse market conditions in 2008 thwarting an earlier bid to secure a coveted listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the LSE’s main market.

E1, which is backed by London-based equity player Marwyn Investment Management, instead continued on London’s AIM market through the economic downturn.

E1 is rebidding for a green light onto the LSE as it points to solid gains from distributing the Twilight movie franchise in Canada and the U.K., and other theatrical hits.

‘The outlook for the new financial year remains positive with a strong film slate across all territories and further growth in the TV business,’ the indie studio reported Wednesday as it predicted results for the current financial year to March 31 to be at the top end of market expectations.

With box office from its Twilight franchise sending E1 stock on London’s AIM market sharply higher, Lantos last week sold 1.28 million ordinary shares at 64.25 pence ($0.99) each.

Lantos will retain a tranche of 3.04 million class S shares.

E1′s results for the current year will be released in late May.