Second life for Necessities

Hot off its wins at the Genies, Benoît Pilon's acclaimed period piece will be re-released in Toronto and...

Hot off its wins at the Genie Awards, Benoît Pilon’s The Necessities of Life will be re-released in Toronto and Vancouver on Friday, says distributor E1 Entertainment.

The drama garnered four awards at Saturday’s Genies ceremony in Ottawa including a best director for the debut helmer, best actor for Natar Ungalaaq, and nods for editing and original screenplay. Necessities, which was also re-released in Quebec last weekend, will play at Toronto’s Carlton and Vancouver’s Tinseltown theaters.

The acclaimed film, about an Inuit hunter forced to come to Quebec City to be treated for tuberculosis in the 1950s, is also scheduled to re-open in Winnipeg in May, while it will expand to Regina and Edmonton in the coming weeks.

Necessities has generated $402,000 at the box office since opening in Quebec last August, followed by English Canada in February. It was selected as one of TIFF’s Top 10 films of 2008 and came close to an Oscar nomination for best foreign-language film.