Angus out of Heritage committee

Outspoken NDPer replaced by housing critic, as Parliament's standing committee names members. Tory topper Gary Schellenberger re-elected as chair

OTTAWA — Gary Schellenberger, the Conservative MP representing the Perth-Wellington constituency in Ontario, was re-elected Thursday as chair of the all-party standing committee on Canadian Heritage.

Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger was named first vice-chair and Bloc Québécois MP Maria Mourani second vice-chair.

Outspoken New Democratic Party MP Charlie Angus is no longer on the committee. He has been replaced by NDP housing critic Bill Siksay. Other new faces on the committee are Bloc MP Luc Malo, Conservative MP Dave Batters and Mourani.

Malo replaces his colleague Maka Kotto, the committee’s first-vice chair during the previous session of Parliament. Also not returning to the committee are Bloc MP Diane Bourgeois and Conservative MP Chris Warkentin.

The committee’s first order of business is to revisit its rethink of public broadcasting. At a closed-door meeting on Nov. 20, the committee will consider a draft report on the CBC based on testimony that began March 1 during the last session of Parliament.