Bohbot tracks Bigfoot

Montreal producer says believers in the big guy 'make a good case,' after wrapping a doc for Space

MONTREAL — The producer of Bigfoot’s Reflection says he was sure of the creature’s existence after wrapping the documentary in the wilds of British Columbia and Washington State earlier this year.

The hour-long doc, which will be broadcast on Space in May, takes a fair-minded look at Bigfoot hunters. That is, people who are out to prove that the big guy exists.

‘They make a good case. And there is lots of deep dark forest out there,’ Frederic Bohbot tells Playback Daily.

Bohbot’s film, which is directed by Evan Beloff, follows the new generation of Bigfoot hunters, who are more techno savvy and scientifically rigorous than earlier pursuers of the lumbering hairy creature — also known in various parts of the world as Yeti, the Abominable Snowman and Sasquatch.

The HD film, shot for $160,000, takes place in North American Bigfoot country: B.C.’s Harrison Hot Springs and the Yakima Indian Reserve in Washington.

Bohbot’s team caught up with wildlife biologists, ecologists and forestry people who are convinced that Yeti is alive and well and strolling through the bush on Canada’s west coast.

‘Most films make fun of these people, but we are trying to take a serious look at their obsession. In the end, this is a film about human obsessions,’ says Bohbot, founder of Bunbury Films, which is coproducing Bigfoot’s Reflection with Ontic Media. ‘These people are not lying. Whether he exists or not, they believe in what they are saying. I think that’s the most extraordinary part.’