GVFX closes in T.O.

Vancouver: Low film and television production volumes in Canada have forced the consolidation of GVFX – Gajdecki Visual Effects, which has closed its Toronto and Los Angeles offices, but remains working in Vancouver.

About 30 people lost their jobs in Toronto in September and four people were laid off in L.A. when that office closed last summer, says president and founder John Gajdecki, adding that GVFX is going through a reorganization and he can provide few details at this time.

‘[The reorganization] was the right business move,’ he explains. ‘We might find ourselves back in that market [Toronto].’

Key to the financial struggle is the burden of debt, says Gajdecki. ‘This company didn’t have enough money to cover its expenses.’

Some employees are owed back wages, he admits, but he hopes to address that when some assets are sold.

‘The Vancouver office was a stronger office,’ says Gajdecki. ‘The Vancouver-L.A. axis works for us here. And most of the jobs in Toronto came from Vancouver.’

About 25 people work with GVFX in Vancouver, which is working on Stargate SG-1.

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