2003 Genie Awards nominees

Best Motion Picture

Best Motion Picture
o Ararat — Producers: Robert Lantos, Atom Egoyan
o Bollywood/Hollywood – Producers: David Hamilton, Bob Wertheimer
o Quebec-Montreal – Producer: Nicole Robert
o Rare Birds – Producers: Paul Pope, Janet York
o Suddenly Naked – Producer: Gavin Wilding

Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
o David Alpay – Ararat
o Philip DeWilde – Turning Paige
o Luc Picard – Savage Messiah
o Christopher Plummer – Ararat
o Colin Roberts – Flower & Garnet

Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
o Isabelle Blais – Savage Messiah
o Arsinee Khanjian – Ararat
o Molly Parker – Men With Brooms
o Deborah Kara Unger – Between Strangers
o Polly Walker – Savage Messiah

Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
o Ranjit Chowdhry – Bollywood/Hollywood
o Dominic Darceuil – Histoire de pen
o Brendan Fletcher – Turning Paige
o Gabriel Gascon – Le Marais
o Elias Koteas – Ararat

Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
o Brigitte Bako – Saint Monica
o Moushumi Chaterjee – Bollywood/Hollywood
o Rachel McAdams – Perfect Pie
o Pascale Montpetit – Savage Messiah
o Dina Pathak – Bollywood/Hollywood

Achievement in Direction
o Jean Beaudin – Le collectionneur
o David Cronenberg – Spider
o Sturla Gunnarsson – Rare Birds
o Ricardo Trogi – Quebec-Montreal
o Anne Wheeler – Suddenly Naked

Achievement in Cinematography
o Jan Kiesser – Rare Birds
o Serge Ladouceur – Savage Messiah
o Larry Lynn – Histoire de pen
o Gregory Middleton – Between Strangers
o Paul Sarossy – Perfect Pie

Original Screenplay
o Atom Egoyan – Ararat
o Paul Gross, John Krizanc – Men With Brooms
o Deepa Mehta – Bollywood/Hollywood
o Robert Morin – Le neg’
o Jean-Philippe Pearson, Patrice Robitaille, Ricardo Trogi – Quebec-Montreal

Adapted Screenplay
o Dominique Demers – La Mysterieuse mademoiselle C./The Mysterious Miss C.
o Patrick McGrath – Spider
o Edward Riche – Rare Birds
o Sharon Riis – Savage Messiah
o Judith Thompson – Perfect Pie

Achievement in Editing
o Michael Dowse – FUBAR
o Lorraine Dufour – Le neg’
o Lara Mazur – Suddenly Naked
o Roberto Silvi – Between Strangers
o Yvann Thibaudeau – Quebec-Montreal

Achievement in Music – Original Score
o Chris Ainscough – Suddenly Naked
o Michel Cusson – Le collectionneur
o Mychael Danna – Ararat
o Glenn Morley – Red Green’s Duct Tape Forever
o Zbigniew Preisner – Between Strangers

Achievement in Music – Original Song
o Laura Doyle – Suddenly Naked ‘Let You Go’
o Laura Doyle – Suddenly Naked ‘Your Love’
o Carlos Lopes – Saint Monica ‘Com Estas Asas’
o Mel M’Rabet – Khaled ‘Ab’
o Michael Shields – Turning Paige ‘Just Say Goodbye’

Achievement in Art Direction/Production Design
o Phillip Barker – Ararat
o Andre Line Beauparlant – Le neg’
o Paryse Normandeau – Turning Paige
o Andrew Sanders, Arvinder Grewal – Spider
o Francois Seguin – Almost America

Achievement in Costume Design
o Denise Cronenberg – Spider
o Mario Davignon – Savage Messiah
o Sophie Lefebvre – Le neg’
o Wendy Partridge – Almost America
o Beth Pasternak – Ararat

Achievement in Overall Sound
o Serge Beauchemin, Bruno Ruffolo, Bernard Gariepy Strobl, Hans Peter Strobl – Les Boys III
o Serge Beauchemin, Bernard Gariepy Strobl, Hans Peter Strobl – Le collectionneur
o Gavin Fernandes, Bobby O’Malley, Philippe Pelletier – Histoire de pen
o Glen Emile Gautier, Christian Cooke, Orest Sushko, Don White – Spider
o Tom Hidderley, Todd Beckett, Keith Elliott, Mark Zsifkovitz – Between Strangers
o Lou Solakofski, Stephan Carrier – Max

Achievement in Sound Editing
o Fred Brennan, Roderick Deogrades, Barry Gilmore, Andy Malcolm, David McCallum, Jane Tattersall – Max
o Louis Collin, Natalie Fleurant, Denis Saindon – Histoire de pen
o Louis Dupire, Diane Boucher, Tchae Measroch, Christian Rivest, Alice Wright – Le collectionneur
o David Evans, Harvey Hyslop, Donna Powell, Paul Steffler – Rare Birds
o Wayne Griffin, Anthony Currie, David Evans, Goro Koyama, Andy Malcolm – Spider

Best Documentary
o Gambling, Gods and LSD – Ingrid Veninger, Peter Mettler
o Is the Crown at War with Us? – Alanis Obomsawin
o Le Ring interieur – Eric Michel, Dan Bigras

Best Live Action Short Drama
o Blue Skies – Dawn Rubin, Ann Marie Fleming
o En magasin – In Store – Raymond Gravelle, Mario Bonenfant
o Hit and Run – Ginette Petit, Eric Beausejour, Eric Couture, Richard Jutras, Christian Larouche
o I Shout Love – Meredith Caplan, Sarah Polley, Jennifer Weiss
o Remembrance – Paula Fleck, Stephanie Morgenstern
o Une eclaircie sur le fleuve – Barbara Shrier, Rosa Zacharie

Best Animated Short
o Glasses – Marcy Page, Brian Duchscherer
o The Hungry Squid – Marcy Page, John Weldon
o La Pirouette/Pirouette – Pierre Hebert, Marcel Jean, Tali Prevost