Phyllis Yaffe: Career at a Glance

1969 to 1971 Librarian, Winnipeg Public Library...

1969 to 1971 Librarian, Winnipeg Public Library

1972 BA in Library Science, University of Alberta

1973 to 1976 Librarian, Seneca College

1976 to 1980 Executive director, Canadian Children’s Book Centre

1980 to 1985 Executive director, Association of Canadian Publishers

1985 to 1993 Vice-president of marketing, Owl Communications

1986 to 1993 Chair, Foundation to Underwrite New Drama for

Pay Television (now the Harold Greenberg Fund)

1991 to 1997 Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, Ontario

Science Centre

1994 to 1996 President and CEO, Showcase

1996 to 1999 President and CEO, Alliance Broadcasting

(Showcase and History)

1997 to present Board member, Specialty and Premium Television


1997 to present Board member, Radio Arts Advisor Committee,

Ryerson Polytechnic University

1998 to present Board member, CAB Specialty Board

1999 to present President, Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting