Special Report on Documentary Production & Distribution: Hot Docs! nominees

Following are the 1998 Hot Docs! nominees. Productions are Canadian unless otherwise stated....

Following are the 1998 Hot Docs! nominees. Productions are Canadian unless otherwise stated.

Best Arts Documentary

- Big Band Boom! The Dal Richards Orchestra – Director: Mark Glover Masterson (Under the Gun Films)

- The Dancing Game – Director: Christa Schadt (Associated Producers)

- Erotica: A Journey into Female Sexuality – Director: Maya Gallus (Sienna Films)

- Guy Maddin: Waiting For Twilight – Director: Noam Gonick (Wait Inc.)

- Shooting Indians: A Journey with Jeffrey Thomas – Director: Ali Kazimi (Peripheral Visions Film & Video)

Best Arts/Culture/Biography by a Broadcaster

- Christopher & Mary Pratt: Life & Times – Director: Andrew Gregg (cbc)

- Robert Bateman: Life & Times – Director: Andrew Gregg (cbc)

- Tom Jackson: Life & Times – Director: Halya Kuchmij (cbc)

Best Biography Documentary

- The Boys Who Loved Hockey – Directors: Lori Kuffner,Gail Tilson (Independent Moving Pictures)

- bp (pushing the boundaries) – Director: B. Nash (Cinemat)

- Shadow Maker: The Life of Gwendolyn MacEwen, Poet – Director: Brenda Longfellow (Gerda Film Production)

Best Children’s Documentary

- Totem Talk – Director: Annie Frazier Henry (Full Regalia Productions)

Best Cultural Documentary

- A Mother’s Grief – Director: Karen Shopsowitz (Associated Producers)

- Quatre femmes d’Egypte – Director: Tahani Rached (National Film Board)

- Sitting on a Story – Director: Pat Barker (Barker Solar Productions)

- Towards a Promised Land – Director: Ina Fichman (Maximage Productions)

- Unveiled: The Mother Daughter Relationship – Director: Maureen Judge (Makin’ Movies)

Best Experimental Short Documentary

- El Dia La Noche Y Los Muertos – Director: Steve Mykolyn (Calavera Productions)

- Heartland – Director: Laura Taler

- James O’Reilly in Parkdale – Director: Alex Pugsley (Cumberland Country Productions)

Best History Documentary

- Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies & the American Dream – Director: Simcha Jacobovici (Associated Producers)

- Kim’s Story: The Road From Viet Nam – Director: Shelley Saywell (Bishari Film Productions)

- Let’s Play House – Director: Alex Gibney (The Fifties Inc.)

- Seven Brides for Uncle Sam – Director: Anita McGee (nfb)

Best International Documentary Over 60 Minutes

- In My Father’s House – Director: Fatima Jebli Ouazzani (MM Producties – Netherlands)

- Mabo: Life of an Island Man – Director: Trevor Graham (Film Australia – Australia)

- Memories D’Immigres (in Three Parts) – Director: Yamina Benguinui (Bandits Production – France)

- Wasteland (Auf Der Kippe) – Director: Andre Schwartz (Wuste Film Production – Germany)

Best International Documentary Under 60 Minutes

- The Disappearance Of Tisoeur: Haiti After Duvalier – Director: Harriet Hirshorn (u.s.)

- The Diving Bell and the Butterfly: Jean-Jacques Beineix’s ‘Assigne a Residence’ – Director: Jean-Jacques Beineix (Home Box Office – u.s.)

- I Don’t Know Where, Or When, Or How… – Director: Zelimir Gvardiol (Spiesfilm – Yugoslavia)

- An Imaginary Life – Director: Don Featherstone (Film Australia – Australia)

- Out For Love… Be Back Shortly – Director: Dan Katzir (Dan Katzir – Israel)

Best Political Documentary

- Chile, The Obstinate Memory – Director: Patricio Guzman (nfb)

- Fury For the Sound: The Women at Clayoquot – Director: Shelley Wine (TellTale Productions)

- Gerrie & Louise – Director: Sturla Gunnarsson (Blackstock Pictures/Eurasia Motion Pictures)

- Never-Endum Referendum – Director: Paul Jay (High Road Productions)

Best Political/Social Documentary by a Broadcaster

- Between Here and Heaven: In Search of Jamie Marr – Director: Wayne Abbott (cbc)

- Hunting Bobby Oatway – Director: John Kastner (cbc)

- Murder, Money and Mexico – Director: Neil Docherty (cbc)

Best Documentary by a Broadcaster Outside Canada

- Desert Storm’s Deadly Weapon – Director: Jeremy Lovering (A&E Television Networks – u.s.)

- The Execution Machine: Texas Death Row – Director: Marc Levin (Blowback Productions – u.s.)

- Heart of a Child – Directors: Karen Goodman, Kirk Simon (Simon & Goodman Picture Company – u.s.)

- The Search for Mother Russia’s Children – Director: Tom Roberts (hbo – u.s.)

Best Science/Technology/ Environment Documentary

- The Dolphin: Born To Be Wild – Director: Harold Arsenault (Greenspace Productions)

- Ellesmere Island National Park Reserve – Director: Mitchell Azaria (Good Earth Productions)

- Influenza/La Grippe – Director: Bruno Carriere (nfb)

- Rat Among Us – Director: Alfred Vendl (Great North Productions)

Best Science/Technology/ Environment Documentary by a Broadcaster

- Body Doubles: The Twin Experience – Director: Antony Thomas (Carlton Studios – u.k.)

- Clear Water, Cloudy Future – Director: David Way (tvontario)

- John/Joan – Director: Morris Karp (cbc)

- Mind Over Matter – Director: Jane Mingay (Discovery Channel))

- Yellowstone to Yukon: The Wild Heart of North America – Director: Caroline Underwood (cbc)

Best Short Documentary

- Champions of the Wild: Grizzlies – Directors: Christian Bruyere, Ian Herring (Omni Film Productions)

- Nowhere Else To Live – Director: Alan Handel (Alan Handel Productions)

- Rainmakers – Thailand – Director: Luc Cote (Adobe Productions)

Best Social Issue Documentary

- Confessions of a Rabid Dog – Director: John L’Ecuyer (Sienna Films)

- Deadly Inheritance – Director: Daniel Sekulich (Northern Lights Television)

- L’Epreuve du Feu – Director: Bernard Emond (Coop Video de Montreal)

- Rendez-vous de Sarajevo – Director: Helen Doyle


- Tu as crie Let Me Go – Director: Anne-Claire Poirier (nfb)

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